Our Process

Our Management Process

Our all in one work order, change order, completion sign off and final invoice provides the most efficient start to finish process.

No longer are there multiple forms that get lost in the shuffle or require hours of reviewing work orders, change orders and sign offs to the final invoice. One form follows the job from start to invoice, while tracking all critical move out and move in dates. This assures time schedules are met as forecasted. All units are pre-walked 3 weeks prior to move out to determine full scope of work including change order items required.


Offering the ability to preschedule each phase of the renovation. The automated system populates each missed completion date with a red box, therefore creating the ability to easily reference all the critical job flow in just a glance. This assures any and all missed schedules are attended to immediately and rescheduled for first thing the next day.

As each phase is completed and populated with a green completion box our automated system tracks all material used in the phase and then auto populates the reorder of those materials by populating a red box before materials stock reaches the critical time of reorder. Again at just a glance material reorders are easily identified and therefore material stock is always available for upcoming scheduled work.


Our system provides each property a detailed daily update of all work in progress as well as upcoming move outs scheduled for renovation. The automated system populates a red box for all move outs and move ins and provides for the most efficient monitoring for all critical dates and timelines.


The system provides minute by minute tracking of each workers time of arrival to the work site as well as completion of work. It also provides immediate communications for any matters that may arise while on the job site. Our work orders are detailed to the point of referencing all critical aspects of each phase of work. This includes a full detail of the installation process as well as those areas of frequently missed or lack of meeting quality standards. This reduces greatly,  second or third inspections and work corrections and therefore provides the timeliest completions with the highest quality workmanship. Our attention to fit to finish is second to none.